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Our MISSION is part of the Great ComMISSION! Everyone matters to God! We REACH UP to GOD for His refreshing (WORSHIP). We REACH IN to nurture and strenghten one another within the church body (DISCIPLESHIP). We Reach OUT to our community and world with The Good News of Jesus Christ (EVANGELISM)! His mission is ours.

Imagine when we get to Heaven someday! We will all be together around God's throne - from every ethnic group, church affiliation, generation, etc. - praising God for all of eternity! We can have a little 'heaven on earth' each week as we Gather in His Name and lay all our care, pressure and defense at His feet... from every gender, age, generation; ethnic, social, economical or cultural background; church experience (or lack thereof); not focusing on who is wearing what, what they drove to church or judging one another's spiritual journey. Imagine as we realize that our value is in the One who hand-crafted us and that our focus is to be on the One. It will be a joy to love those around us as we Gather together to worship and experience the goodness of God! Click on the images below to get an 'idea' what TG is like.

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The Gathering provides certified interpretors for the Deaf at every service and event!

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